About The Team

Wise Chameleon formed as a group of software hackers and makers who just wanted to have fun building cool stuff, and fix Koray’s blinds problem. Around the same time we were comming together as a group hackster.io was running an “Alexa and Arduino Smart Home Challenge”. While the competition was already more than halfway over we decided to enter.

And as luck would have if we won the competition. The prize entails a bunch of support to kickstart our first product MOTO. Which also solves Koray’s blinds problem, so he’s happy. :) Plus it gives us a good runway to put some professional behind all the hacking and make cool stuff we do. If your into this sort of stuff we gotta something ffor you, so stick around, join the conversation and give us some twitter love. @wise_chameleon.

I don’t know exactly what’s gonna happen here, but I know it’s gonna be fun. :)

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