31 Mar 2018

Moto! Our first Product

Wise Chameleon's Moto is a modular solution that allows you to turn anything into a smart home device, from a set of Venetian blinds to a pet feeder.

Introducing Moto

The Team

Wise Chameleon formed as a group of software hackers and makers who just wanted to have fun building cool stuff. Around the same time we were comming together as a group hackster.io was running an Alexa and Arduino Smart Home Challenge. While the competition was already more than halfway over we decided to enter with an idea that we had been kicking around for a while but hadn’t started building. And as luck would have if we won the competition but more on that latter.

The idea

It all started when Koray (our 3D printing guru, and super home automation fanatic) was asked by his wife if we could automated the opening and closing of their blinds. They have about twenty window blinds in their apartment. Looking at the options online, Koray quickly realized that he would go broke (or at least churn up a heafty cc bill) if he went with the options avaliable. In fact, most options were more expensive than the blinds themselves.

While bringing this problem up at one of our “beer and brainstorming” sessions, we decided it was both an area ripe for innovation and also not much more exciting than a “smart light switch”. We don’t do boring… it’s no fun. So we begin to think about how we could both solve Koray’s pressing problem for a reasonable price while at the same time building something next level that could be useful in all kinds of different situations.

And thus, Moto was born.

So What’s Moto

Moto is a voice controlled motor with a suite of adaptors that allows you to turn anything into a smart device. Thanks to the miracle of 3D printing, and a little ingenuity, we have assembled an ever growing suite of adapters that allow our voice controlled motor to: open blinds (by attaching to the wand), turn on switches, open / close pet feeders, water plants, unlock doors, and much more. Oh, and its way cheaper than the automated blinds we were trying to replace. So wins all around!

Want to see it in action? Check out the video below (which starts right at the demonstration):

Want to know how we build it? Check out the whole video here:

What do you think? Any adapters you would suggest?

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